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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Banzai Japanese Buffet

Buffets are everywhere in Metro Manila and more are joining the bandwagon. The latest concept to open is a Japanese buffet restaurant that showcases a Teppanyaki Theater where they will cook teppanyaki on the spot. 

Introducing Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater located at Seaside Blvd, MOA Complex. The restaurant is impossible to miss with their huge and imposing signage!

They were still at "soft opening" stage when we dined and it was easy to point areas for improvement. First, the atmosphere is not as festive compared to other buffet restaurants like Vikings and Buffet 101. Nobody sings a birthday song to celebrants and the only music played are soft, instrumental, zen-type nusic. Unless the quiet atmosphere is really what they intend, I find it quite boring.

Their Teppanyaki Theater looks rather empty with minimal decorations or even food. A diner passes by the station and could not even pick something to fill his plate.

The Yakitori station is quite interesting with various grilled food on a skewer.

Here's the Takoyaki Station which again, in my opinion, looks rather sad with that empty takoyaki maker, The label said it should gave Kaniyaki but when after several trips to the station to check if they have any Kaniyaki cooked already, all I end up with is nothing-yaki,

Not to be missed as well is the Tempura Station where fresh prawn tempura and other fried breaded meat are cooked relentlessly. Unlike in Yakimix where prawn (should I say shrimp?) tempura gets wiped out as soon as the plate touches the buffet, they are replenished quickly in Banzai

I liked the breaded pork. It's lean and tender with all the fat trimmings removed.

Leave a lot of room for their Beef Teppan. It's the house specialty and I dare not question why. The beef is tender, generously portioned (huge chunks!) and cooked perfectly as you watch.

I wasn't able to take a photo of their Sushi/Sashimi station probably because I was a bit disappointed that the spread is not that many considering this is Japanese buffet. On a positive note, the salmon sashimi that I took are succulent and fresh, they almost melt in your mouth!

More cooked food, unfortunately, I couldn't tell the dish as they were not properly labelled (another point for improvement).

Aside from their various cooking stations, they also have a "hot" corner with the dishes cooked from the kitchen, mostly usual buffet fares. They have a carving station too.

Dessert is a hit and miss with various cakes (a miss), a few chewy candies, select local desserts like halo-halo and leche flan (hit!), local fruits and tarts. The only novelty is the snow cone that most children liked.

How much do I pay for the buffet?

Lunch: Php699 from Mondays to Fridays
Dinner: Php899 from Mondays to Fridays
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays (Lunch and Dinner): Php1,088

Children's rate: Php499 - below 4.5 feet
                         FREE - below 3.5 feet

All rates includes tax and service charge.


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