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Monday, August 01, 2016

A Taste of Singapore at Singlish Cafe

There was a time in my career as a system installer, traveling to clients to install our software and train users, when I frequented Singapore for 18 months. I remember being in Singapore so often that I started to get used to Singaporean accent.

Of course, I had to fall in love with Singaporean food, too. That happened very quickly without much complains, more so, any effort.

I got back to Manila and the stints to Singapore became less and less. However, the craving for Singaporean food continued. What does a food lover do? Of course I had to look for and try various Singaporean restaurants around the metro which led me to this quaint little restaurant in Marikina called Singlish Cafe.

The restaurant is small that it probably could sit less than 20 people but its cozy, upbeat interior make up for the limited space though. I love the huge red wooden framed mirror that creates an illusion of extra space.

The Food:

Honestly, I got excited when I saw Roti Prata on the menu. It's a dish that I dont often see in most Singapore-themed restaurant. Plus, it's also one of favorite food whenever I go to Singapore. (Shall I start another blog about the roti prata at Food Republic?)

The roti prata at Singlish tastes exactly like what I expected. Whenever I crave for prata, I normally go to Banana Leaf, but now I know a better place to get them! I wouldn't mind traveling to Marikina just for roti prata.

I couldn't miss their Hainanese Chicken Rice which they claim to be one of their best sellers. My friend and dining companion who happened to have just returned from a 9-year job in Singapore said it's just OK, nothing worth the rave. 

For me, it's good enough. I find the rice too soft and sticky but the chicken is very tasty, juicy and tender. 

Care for coffee? There are plenty to choose from. For me, as long as it's iced, I am good to have any of the coffee on their menu.

Singlish Cafe
60 Lilac Street, Marikina City
Open 11am to 10pm


Admirer said...

thanks for sharing, definitely will try this with my family, we stayed in Singapore for 2.5 years as well and they are missing some of the Singaporean foods.

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