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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Swimming in Baguio? Why Not!

Tourist flock Baguio for its cold weather, fresh strawberries, scent of pines trees and the fancy of a cool breeze. Hardly anyone would think about swimming at the Philippines' Summer Capital as there are literally dozens of things to see and do despite the countless times anyone has been there.
But then tourists' whims can be unexpected so perhaps with this in mind, a few hotels in Baguio decided to put swimming pools. This actually came as a surprise to me when I was scouting for our accommodation as my children are begging we stay somewhere with a pool. I even found it funny as I was almost certain there are NO hotels in Baguio with a swimming pool.
Well, I was wrong. In case anyone with kids like mine who wants to take a dip at just about any destination we go to, then Newtown Plaza Hotel is the place to be. Newtown is one of only 4 hotels in Baguio with a swimming pool.
The good news for those who are raising their brows, their pool at Newtown Plaza is heated. It's in fact steaming!

Newtown Plaza is a huge property and is attached to a residential tower which I believe is from the same developer. The rooms are not that cozy and only has ceiling fans which was a problem since we went in April. We had to open our balcony doors at night to allow the breeze in and be able to sleep comfortably.

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet style at their restaurant. The food is good and price is fair.

The hotel is just across the Botanical Garden so it's really easy to find and is accessible by public transport.


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