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Sunday, June 07, 2020

Easy Peasy Homemade Ice Cream

My home-made mango ice cream! Woohoo!! Have I been living under a rock? This is so easy to make pala!

Actually, making this brings back memories of my Dad, and just at the right time as it's also the anniversary of his passing.

When we were kids our Dad bought an ice cream machine and we were very excited to try it for the first time. My recollection was it took a while to gather all the ingredients and the machine to work its magic. Ignorant that I was then I was even amazed we had to put salt on the ice inside the machine. To cut the story short, that was the first ang LAST time we used that ice cream machine. We figured it's quicker and cheaper to just buy. Parang namahalan kami sa asin hahaha 😊I think my mom still kept it for whatever reason. 

I think we're not going to buy ice cream for a very long time 😊


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